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Paintball is a group teambuilding activity combining teamwork, leadership skills, strategy, time and resource management and quick thinking.

Your visit to Paintball Skelmersdale's site will be a rewarding and thrilling experience that will make you want to hold your staff incentive or team building day out with us again and again.


Triple Guarantee

Everybody will be playing with the latest paintball kit - guaranteed!
No one gets out-of-date equipment.

You will not be mixed with players of a higher standard or players with their own superior kit.
You won't be used as target practice at our site.

We will match any genuine written quote, price for price.
If you can find a better deal - ring us now. We will not be beaten on price!



Welcome to Paintball Skelmersdale - the best paintball provider for the entire UK!

Paintball is an exciting leisure activity suitable for all types of players from the age of 11 upwards. During your visit, you and your team will be sent on various exciting and challenging missions utilising Paintball Skelmersdale's varied game features. All games can be played at your own pace.


All players are equipped with the latest easy-to-use semi automatic Paintball guns, biodegradable paintballs , full body ninja suits, full headgear and full-face paintball goggles.

You will also be issued with only the best biodegradable paintballs .



United Kingdom Paintball Association